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Mouse disappears on external display?

Kurt Thompson


Hi. Has anyone else experienced the visual loss of their mouse cursor when connecting their iPad to an external monitor?

If the iPad retains it’s original aspect ratio on the external monitor it seems to be OK sometimes, but at times I connect to an external monitor and the resolution adjusts to the external display. At this point I can see my mouse pointer on my iPad screen but NOT on the external display. This is manageable if I’m using a spreadsheet and using arrow keys to navigate the page, but as soon as I need to click something I need to glance over to my iPad to figure out where my mouse has gone. 


Loving this update otherwise. Makes Magic Keyboard completely worth it and my productivity on my iPad for work is way, way better!


EDIT 20/08: Sorry just noticed this question was already asked and answered elsewhere. This is an iPad OS limitation.

I can’t figure out how to delete my question off this forum now so apologies for the duplication!

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Question already asked, sorry!
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Thanks for posting this question. I discovered same issue. Where is the question answered?

This could be an iOS issue but given iPad aspect ratio changes to full screen with External Display option turned on, it would really be great to have mouse cursor visible on external display to be a meaningful feature. Its visible on iPad Pro screen, but doesn’t appear on the external display... :(

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