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Netscaler on Azure

Michal Kossek

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Hi guys,


I'm in the project to migrate Citrix workloads to Azure (not sure if i should put this in the Azure forum, but my concerns are mainly for ADC) with Netscaler Gateways.

So i'm planning to deploy them as a Citrix ADC VPX Express HA pair and i'm not sure if i put them in the right place in the Network design.

This HA pair will be used to Load Balance traffic(onlyCitrix Gateway for accessing HDX sessions) for Citrix Storefront in the same subscription/vlan.

So basically the external network traffic first hits ExternalLoad Balancer in "notrust" subnet which is then forwared through Palo Alto Firewall in managament subnet and this is the place where i'm planning to put the Netscalers. This Palo Alto FW is managing/monitoring all traffic in the subscriptions.


Should Netscalers be already behind a Firewall? Or should they be before FW?

So if my understanding is correct i can't create a VIP with public IP but the Public IP needs to be translated to internal SNIP of the Netscaler behind the FW, is that correct?

This translation from Public IP to SNIP is done on the FW level? Or it is done with specific rules applied to the Network Security Group applied to the Netscalers?

How this NSG needs to be configured to do the translation?

OR should those Netscaler be deployed as a independent machines and HA paired and configured and managed as a IaaS not as a Service in Azure?

My assumptions are based on https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/12/deploying-vpx/deploy-vpx-on-azure.html#how-a-netscaler-vpx-instance-works-on-azure


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