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StoreFront ver: 1912.0.1000.17 How to customizing the application shortcut borders

Ilya Teterin1709161970

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Please tell me where you can read about customizing the application shortcut borders highlighted on the screen?
Found a variable in CSS but can't find it on StoreFront.


Tried to change as follows, no result:


largeTiles .storeapp {
    border-color: #fff
.largeTiles .storeapp-action-link {
 border-color: #fff




StoreFront ver: 1912.0.1000.17

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42 minutes ago, Sam Jacobs said:

Where are you putting your overrides?

If you click on Style Editor and then on styles.css, do you see your overrides in the right pane?

BTW, you should have a semi-colon at the end of the border-color line, e.g.

       border-color: #fff;


I edit in C: \ inetpub \ wwwroot \ Citrix \ VDIWeb \ custom
Changes in style.css are visible, but they are not on the site




But if you correct this variable, then the result is visible. It's not clear how to call it in style.css:



It is also interesting to highlight the frame with a different color on hover:



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