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Desktop Autolaunch via Receiver for Web not working after Receiver Timeout

Thomas McDonaugh



I'm having an issue with the Desktop  Autolaunch.

7 1912 LTSR CU1 Environment

Storefront 1912.0.1000.17

This is for a thin client environment. I've set up a new store where the Receiver for Web timeout is set to 2 minuit. This is to prevent users logging onto the desktop of the previous user.


I'm seeing following behaviour:


Scenario 1:

User A logs on to Receiver for Web = desktop autolaunch

Receiver for Web session gets logged off while User A is still active on desktop.

User A logs off desktop

User B logs on to Receiver for Web = NO desktop autolaunch


Secenario 2:

User A logs on to Receiver for Web = desktop autolaunch

User A logs off desktop

User A logs off Receiver for Web session

User B logs on to Receiver for Web = desktop autolaunch


Is it possible to get the desktop autolaunch to work for User B in Scenario 1?

What am i missing?






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Hi, sorry for the late reply.

We solved the issue by setting a parameter in the thin client configuration that restarts the browser session after the session timeout, thereby reseting the browse cache.

If anybody is looking to replicate the behaviour of the applicance store from pre 7.18 this is how we are working it.

1. Create a store specifically for thin clients with an autostart desktop

2. Set a short timeout for the receiver for web session

4. Configure thin clients to start browser session automatically in fullscreen. In our case we use Igel and just continued to use the appliance mode on the client side even if the store isn't configured as such and set the target to the new store.

3. On thin client side set an action to be performed after receiver for web logoff = kill browser session

4. Browser session restarts automatically.


If a user logs on, they'll see the receiver for web gui for only a couple of seconds before the desktop start automatically. While the user is in the desktop session, the browser session in the background will time out after 2 min. Timeout provokes a browser restart which will then reset the cache. If the user logs out of the desktop session, the receiver for web logon will be displayed for the next user. Bbecause the cache has been reset the next logon will also start the desktop session automatically.


Hope this is of help to somebody.

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No, User B is trying to log on after User A has logged out of the VM session


To clarify what this is all about, we are testing 7 1912 LTSR to see how the upgrade from 7.15 LTSR will work for us. One of the problems is the depreciation of the Appliance mode store in 7 1912 and we have to find some workaround for our thin clients.


Thanks for the reply

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