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how much mbps do i need to run CVAD?

shaun shaun


Currently i have a speed of 1mbps and sometimes i find the desktop to be having latency. Latency on an average 328.49 ms. Connecting from Philippines to India. I am using WiFi to connect to CVAD. Using Citrix Workspace and the desktop is hosted in cloud. 

Apologies if the question is dumb. 

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Where are you getting that latency value (Director?).


1mbs is a pretty slow connection rate but isn't the only variable.  I'd suggest 10-15mbs down if available.  Wi-Fi is certainly less than ideal but you may not have any other option.  Where is your Wi-Fi access point in relation to your workstation,  Wireless connections don't perform well if they need to penetrate more than two or three walls and typical residential Wi-Fi range in general is limited to about 300ft.  I'd suggest you move close to the Wi-Fi router and check to see if connection quality improves.  In addition to all of the above, the problem could be that there is high latency on the server side due to firewall performance or other factors as the network enters the datacenter.  I'd expect that the IT support team would have multiple people complaining if this is the case.


I'd suggest that you upgrade to a higher speed Internet connection and at the same time engage your company IT support for help.

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Thank you @dclark116. At the moment, the latency i am getting varies from 250 ms to 350ms. 


You're actually correct. There were few incidents logged last week for latency in Citrix. The Support team confirmed there is no latency found. When we dig deeper, we found the users were using common ISP and that ISP was having a downtime at that particular time. I was wondering how to find this in the first level instead of taking it deeper. 

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