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how to increase the c drive of xenapp 7.15 virtual server

Abdirahman Gure1709154628


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Your c drive is the streamed one so you need to extend the vDisk in your Prov Server. Check extending only 5 GB and see if works.

To expand a vDisk file, create a Merged Base. Then use normal VHD expansion tools/methods.

One method is described by Trevor Svienson at How do I expand pvs vdisk with versions? at Citrix Discussions. Steps are: (Commands in fixed width font)

Open cmd or powershell as administrator


select vdisk file=“<path to your visk>” (e.g. V:\store\my.vhd)

list vdisk (you should now see your vdisk and the path)

expand vdisk maximum=60000 (This is the size in megabytes of the size you want to extend, so 60000 is 60Gb)

attach vdisk

list disk

list volume (take note of the Volume number of the your vdisk, you should see the old size)

select volume 5 (or whatever volume number from list volume command)


list volume (you should now see the size you want for your disk. This should also be seen in the Citrix Provisioning console)

detach vdisk



Reference guide "https://www.carlstalhood.com/pvs-update-vdisk/#expandvdisk"

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Is the server a Physical machine?  68gb sounds like a physical server with two 72gb drives in a Raid configuration.  If this is the case, you can often expand the disk by replacing one drive, (with a larger capacity disk) allow the Raid array to rebuild and then replace the second drive and again allow the array to rebuild.  Then within Windows, expand the volume to the available capacity.  Obviously, a backup prior to doing this work would be best and I would check with the hardware vendor to ensure that this above procedure is supported.


If the server is a VM, you simply increase the size in your hypervisor and then within Windows, increase the volume to capacity.

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