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API Queries on Citrix cloud platform

Naveen M


Hi all ,

please help on below 2  API queries for citrix cloud .

1) i would like to get details on API queries for pulling alerts/notification from citrix cloud platform .

please Note i have already tried webhook subscription , i see limitations on data that is pushed .


2) the list view of citrix cloud notifications tab ,is missing alerts that are generated on virtual app and desktop monitor dashboard . is this by design ? if not how can those alerts can be qualified on notifications tab endpoint . answers to this query would help to pull alerts to ITSM platform for ticketing 

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Hi Naveen,


1.  This is the documentation and resources currently available on the notifications APIs.   https://developer.cloud.com/cloud-services-platform/cloud-services-platform---notifications/docs/send-notifications-to-administrators-in-citrix-cloud.

The information and detail on these notifications is intended to be limited and concise, and not replace something like a "system log" or "configuration log" that may have more detail and logging information.

2.  The direction for this area of Citrix Cloud is that it would include notifications from the various services in Citrix Cloud (including CVAD).  At this time, it's primarily used for notifications emitting from the Citrix Cloud platform components, such as Cloud Connectors and hasn't fully expanded to include the full scope of the various services.  For a current day solution, you would need to call CVAD service specific endpoints to get the CVAD director alerts/notifications, they are not currently propagating through the platform 'Notifications' service today.

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