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Getting a Trial License for Xenserver 7.3

Michael Scholz1709159939


Hi folks,


~2 years ago i already tried to work with enterprise trial licenses in xenserver. Now, we still have some servers using xenserver 7.3 (please dont blame me for the circumstances).

We want to shrink all together from multiple servers that we had, to 1 single server as projects have been moved or left. As there a still some live systems on it and there are really big VMs (with 2TB space) i just don't want to snapshot, download and upload it to the "last" server. We don't have a shared storage, the system are DELLs with local SRs on it.


So i thought, i could regain another trail license to enable live migration and so on to easily move from all servers to the last one, that will be kept for another 3-6 month (and will also die then). So there is no need into buy a yearly fee imho.


But mycitrix.com isn't available anymore, citrix.com shows my old licenses but i can't create new trials and so on. Is there a way to do that? or is there an easy way to move the VMs from one to another server? 3rd party tools are welcome too.


best regards,


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