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USB Scanner Redirection Slow to Render Image

Bryan Bell


We are using software on hosted desktop that needs to connect to a locally attached USB "Scanner" (it scans x-rays), but is not an x-ray machine.  When we go to initialize the scanner, it is so slow we thought it was hung up.  Eventually it will initialize but when it returns the small image it's like using dial-up to pull up pictures.  We set up the software on the local machine just to test the scanning and we have no issues.  I have the following policies set up: "Client TWAIN Device Redirection" - Allowed, "Client USB device redirection" - Allowed, "Client USB device redirection rules" - Default, "Client USB Plug and Play device redirection" - Allowed, and "TWAIN compression level" - High.   We are on version 7.15.30000 and receiver version is 4.9.5000.7

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