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CSVS policy for www

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I have a CSVS policy wich redirect site to LBVS
policy regular expression is:


Wich syntax I need to redirect url with prefix www?

HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).EQ("www.sitename.com")  doesn't work

Or maybe there is any solutions with rewriting www.sitename.com to https://sitename.com?

Thank's all for answers.

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Content switching doesn't redirect traffic. Traffic arrives at CS vserver and based on policy hit and is sent (inside adc) to the lb tier.


If you have a user that needs to go from an original request www.sitename.com to sitename.com, and you need the user to make the change in their request, you need to use a RESPONDER policy to redirect from old thing to new thing.  User will get a response to the first request with a redirect to the new request and then the client will make a connection using the new name.


Create a responder redriect action, with the redirect you want (if you need to preserve the path&query):

Responder Action: rs_act_sendto_sitename

Redirect (action type)

Expression:  Adjust for http:// or https://

"http://sitename.com" + http.req.url.path_and_query


Responder Policy: rs_pol_sendto_sitename

References responder action: rs_act_sendto_sitename




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meant to add this yesterday...

If instead of redirect, you still want a cs policy to send traffic to the lb tier based on the user's client side request but present a different host name (by the adc) to the backend server, then you might need a rewrite policy.


If you clarify the scenario, if you want the client to see the change and make a new request with new host OR if you want to change the host in the request between the ADC and the server, we can give you a more specific answer.





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