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Profile management GPO ADMX files

Darryl WilburnFEG


Let me start off by saying that I am new to Citrix/XA administration.  That said I have worked with our recently retired Citrix admin on group policy settings and various other things as it related to GPO.  Here is my problem.  When the environment was deployed, the "collection" server was being used for managing the Citrix policies, for some of the policy settings, that is the only server where the policy settings can be viewed.  I even started a new empty policy on the DC that does have "Citrix Policies" as an option, but when I attempt to recreate the policy settings the "Profile" settings are not prestent.  There are some other settings for load balancing, but many of the profile-type settings are not present.  I have a number of the ADMX files on the DCs, but apparently something is missing.  We've moved the XA infrastucture to the cloud, so we no longer have a need for the data collector server (where all policy settings are visible) so I'd like to get rid of it, but currently, it's the only place I can see all of the Citrix policy settings.  I'm guessing I'm missing an ADMX file or need a new one, but I really don't know.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.




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What is it you want ADMX for?

To create and manage Citrix policies you need Studio installed, even if you put Citrix policies in a traditional AD GPO.

If your Delivery Controllers are now in Citrix Cloud, you will not be able to use an on-prem installed Studio to communicate with Citrix Cloud, you have to use the management consoles in Citrix Cloud which means you have to create and manage Citrix policies from there.

You will still be able to configure Citrix Profile Management via a traditional GPO provided you have the ADM/ADMX file for that specific feature.

No ADMX files exist for Citrix policies.

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I want ADMX files because I use Windows Group Policy settings for my session host and remote app Windows servers.


I don't need any studio to set the group policy settings that we are using.  I'm using GPMC just like I have for many years.  It works just fine.


I don't need to use the cloud to do any of the things I've been doing.  Just the correct group policy template files.


I have multiple Citrix ADMX files already in use (so, yes, they do in fact exist).  I'm just looking for the correct one for local profile management.  If you don't know which one I need, then you don't need to comment.  If you would like to have some more conversation to better understand my environment, I'm on board, but if you're just going to try and tell me what I need or don't need based what little you think you know about my environment, then please just move on.


On the other hand, if you are telling me there is a better way, one that doesn't require group policy and/or admx settings, I'm all ears.  I'm following in the footsteps of a previous admin and am basing my need on his processes.  If there is a better way, please share.



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