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ADC Content Switch Limitation

Tiago Teodoro

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Hi Team,

I'd like to confirm if anyone came across the limit of content switch policies that can be attached to a content switch vserver on ADC 12.1 release 55.18?

I have a customer with several URL-based policies (that requires lots of them attached to a single virtual server), and apparently 29 policies is the maximum I can have.

I don't get any errors when I try to add the 30th one, it just adds it and removes the last one entered before.

Has anyone seen it before? 

I'm going to debug the ns.log for any further output not being provided via GUI.



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Are you using the URL evaluation method (where longest URL match occurs) or the expression method using http.req.url.path.startswith() or other expression-based results?

Are you using advanced or classic engine (assuming advanced)?

And are you using policies with actions OR actions set at time of policy binding?


Policy labels might help in this case; but not sure.



I'm not sure if there is a policy limit, but these may affect some of the results when someone from engineering can respond (or you may need to go through support to determine the answer if you don't get a response here).


No indication in the system limits article:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX118716

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