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ADM Reporting Certificates on ADC as "Not Recommended Issuer"

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We are using Citrix ADM, hosted in Citrix Cloud, to monitor our Citrix ADCs OnPrem.


Within the ADM console, all of the certificates on our ADCs are reported as "Not Recommended Issuer".  Some of these are supplied by our internal CA, which makes sense, but most are supplied by Digicert.


Does Citrix consider Digicert as "Not Recommended"?

Do we need to install the Root/Intermediary Digicert certificates on the ADM somewhere?

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In my case, the "not recommended" cert issuers are "default XKTOGZ" and "SFTrust default ULPFLL". I can only assume these certificates were included in the OVA. Is it worth trying to improve the instance score by removing these, or is it really that serious? I would hate to remove them and then cripple my ADCs!



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