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Azure MFA with citrix gateway and ADFS

Robert Schaaf

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Does anyone know if the method for NetScaler gateway described in the documentation about azure MFA with ADFS only applies to unified gateway or also is possible with the standard Citrix gateway.

as I understand I cannot use the same IP for the content switching vserver as for my access gateway vip. 

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Thanks for your answer but i am not sure i am following. I am not so familiar with all the authentication methods which makes this a bit hard.

I am trying to follow this link https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/advanced-concepts/implementation-guides/citrix-gateway-microsoft-azure.html to implement MFA with ADFS and Azure MFA. I am trying to understand wether  i need to reuse my current standard gateway vserver or do i need to start from scratch with a Unified gateway that becomes then in fact the vserver from my current vserver.

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I think this article is describing how to configure ADC to load balance your ADFS servers. Are you already doing that elsewhere? If so, then there's no need to redo your Gateway. Basically this article is highlighting various ADC/Gateway features that you probably don't need.


On ADFS, you add your Citrix Gateway as a Relying Party.


On ADC, you create an SAML Policy/Server and bind it to your Gateway.


If you want Workspace app to support SAML, then you instead create a AAA vServer, bind SAML Policy/Server to the AAA vServer, and then create an Authentication Profile to link the AAA vServer to the Gateway.

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