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NITRO help with greater than for /nitro/v1/config/ica_session/session_rtt

Chad Buser

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Hi, I'm struggling to filter on the 'ica_session' object for a couple of attributes.

Is there something different with this attribute - I seem to be able to filter fine on 'ns_ssl_certkey'


http://<adm-floating-ip>/nitro/v1/config/ica_session?filter=client_type:"Citrix Windows client"



I've tried a handful of other variations with the same results - I've also tried with quotes around "100".

No errors are returned, just all data is returned not filtered.


?session_rtt={"gt": 100}







    "ica_session": [


            "session_rtt": "131"



            "session_rtt": "89"



            "session_rtt": "55"



Anyone have any success here?




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