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Netscaler SDX15040-25g interface optics compatibliity

Josh Slaney

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I'm setting up a brand new SDX 15040-25g appliance on  I'm trying to use Cisco Active optical cables - Cisco SFP-H25GB-AOC10M and SFP-H25GB-AOC7M.  I am unable to change the configuration settings for flow control on the SDX interfaces.  Even if I do get the settings to stick, after reboot everything for flow control is in the "off" state.  For example: I change the flow control configuration to "auto" and it reverts to the off position.  Does this appliance support Active Optical Cables?  Trying to find the information within the Citrix documentation and this is the closest thing I can find:


"A Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) is a compact transceiver that can operate at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. It is available in both copper and fiber types. Inserting a 1G SFP copper transceiver converts the 1G SFP port to a 1000BASE-T port. Inserting a 1G SFP fiber transceiver converts the 1G SFP port to a 1000BASE-X port. Auto-negotiation is enabled by default on the ports into which you insert your transceiver. When a link between the port and the network is established, the mode is matched on both ends of the cable for the transceivers. The speed is also auto-negotiated. Install and remove transceivers Notes: The 1G SFP transceiver is hot-swappable. The 40G QSFP+/10G SFP+ transceivers are hotswappable on the Citrix ADC appliances that use the ixgbe (ix) interface. > The 100G ports support native 40G/50G/100G transceivers, direct attach copper cables (DAC) and active optical cables (AOC). Native 10G and 25G transceivers are supported on appliances that do not have 10G and 25G ports, but require the use of an SFP+ to QSFP+ adapter. Contact your Citrix representative to purchase this adapter. Citrix ADC appliances do not support transceivers from vendors other than Citrix Systems. Attempting to install third-party transceivers on your Citrix ADC appliance voids the warranty. Do not install the transceivers with the cables attached. Doing so can damage the cable, the connector, or the optical interface of the transceiver."




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