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Last connection on desktop VDAS

Jim Smith1709157654


Hi I have a number of desktop OS VDAS which are not used very often (ie some havent been used for 3/4 months); the machines(VMS) are restarted frequently but the reporting which is used is highlighting them as areas to be looked into because of the length of time since the last connection(s).


Why (techincally) is this an issue (ie why would reporting highlight the last time a desktop OS VDA/VM was used?)


Many Thanks

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What tool is generating this report?  Sounds as if it is not a report from anything within Citrix but is instead from another tool or script running periodically.  An unused VDA is still using resources (Storage, CPU, memory etc.)  and an administrator would typically want to capture a list of unused systems so that they can clean up the environment and keep resources available for machines that are actually in use.


In any case, you should be able to modify the reporting criteria to suppress information that you don't think is needed.



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