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Does Mac Based Forwarding Work on a Google Cloud Platform VPX VM instance with next hop FW VM instances within the same VPC

Chee Pang

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Looking to run a pair of VPXs OS version 13 in HA mode in Google Cloud Platform. The next hop to the Clients will be some Palo Alto FWs VM instances. The VPX Client facing interface subnet and the next hop FWs VPX facing interface subnet are in the same VPC. Rather than using Source natting of the client ip address to the egress interface of the Palo Alto FWs we were looking to use Mac Based Forwarding MBF to ensure the return traffic goes back to the correct FW.

Does MBF work in Google Cloud Platform and if so, do we need to configure anything additional in Google Cloud Platform/GCP instances to get this to work.

I've looked at the ADC ver 13.0 manual where there is a section on configuring HA VPXs in Google Cloud Platform but it does not mention using MBF at all.

Many  Thanks


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