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Query regarding GSLB config with static proximity

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I have GSLB setup , GSLB vserver have  gslb services binded for Vip1 and Vip2 as shown below


vip 1 at Loaction 1

Vip2 at Location 2


with DNS policies in place , like if user from location 1 would try to access uRL , it will land on VIP1 and similarly for loaction 2.


now user wants a new VIP3 to be added for location 3, in the existing GSLB setup, and asking if VIP1 goes down the traffic should fallback to vip2 or VIP3.


i just want to know, besides adding the VIP3 in gslb setup , do i need to do some extar configuartion for the fallback part???


as i believe , that no extra config would be needed as if VIP 1 goes down the gslb will take care of te traffic from location 1 and direct it to the anyone one of the other 2 existing VIP on gslb vserver.


Please sugegst.

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You can create a new GSLB vServer with service 3. Then edit the original GSLB vServer, add the Backup vServer section, and select the new GSLB vServer.


Or you bind a reverse monitor to service 3 that checks the reachability of location 1. "reverse" means that if location 1 is not reachable then service 3 is active.

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Thanks Carl for the response. I have a situation where my gslb vserver has  2 gslb services  configured at same location.

user wants to load balance the load balancing happening between those 2 services based on traffic coming from different location.

I am not sure how to apply DNS policies /action would be of any use because how would it differentiate between which vip to hit if they are at same loaction.

Please suggest.

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