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Citrix for Chromebook - CPU Utilization Maxed Out

Shane Thomas


Not sure if this has been dealt with before or not, but I login to work via Citrix Workspace app for Chrome on my Pixelbook Go (Intel Core m3-8100Y processor) sometimes. During times I couldn't capture today, the CPU pegs at 100% and rotates cores after a short time, almost as if it's a Round Robin of cores to deal with the load placed on the machine from working within Citrix accessing the Desktop in the storefront. I had a System76 Lemur previously running Pop_Os! and Ubuntu that did the same thing except that processor was an i7 (still dual-core though). I can't figure out how to temper the load as it makes the processor hot and sometimes ends up degrading performance on my Pixelbook Go. Some days it does it and some days it doesn't. I can't tell if it's a Linux thing or a server-side thing I need to discuss with sysadmins at the office. Thoughts? Anyone else seen this on Linux platforms attempting to run Citrix's desktop offering through Chrome? I've uploaded some screen grabs to help with context.


Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 1.29.02 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 1.33.05 PM.png

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