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How to choose the best hiking pants?

William Cawley


To those who love hiking sports, preparing the right apparel is the most important thing to do before going out for a hiking trip. Today, I will give you an insight into hiking pants and suggest some ideas for choosing the best hiking pants on the market.


What are hiking pants?


Hiking pants is an apparel that is designed especially for hikers. Most of the good pants for hiking are lightweight, versatile, waterproof, and comfortable when wearing. Having the right hiking pants means “a lot” to a hiker. If having an inappropriate one, the experience of a hiker shall be imperfect. So, let’s see the below benefits of hiking pants and refer to the tips for choosing the proper hiking pants for your needs.


Benefits of hiking pants:


1. Lightweight


Most of the preferable material to make a pair of hiking pants is nylon. As it is lightweight, hikers will find it convenient to wear when hiking, compared to other clothing materials such as jeans, cottons, and khakis. Having a lightweight pair of hiking pants will help you much, especially if you decide to hike for a whole day long. I would recommend you to choose Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants for men, as it is affordable (costs approximately $60), made from ripstop nylon, and totally lightweight at 10.8 oz (the equivalent of 0.30 kg). From my experience, this is also the “most comfortable hiking pants” on the market.


2. Waterproof


Top rated hiking pants are usually waterproof. Some of the designs are made of ripstop nylon, and gore-tex, which allows the pant to breathe normally when there is an unexpected downfall. Since they are water-resistant, there is no doubt that most of them are the most expensive ones on the market. As the weather is sometimes unpredictable, so having the right outfit (like a waterproof item) means that you will be more confident even if there is an unexpected downpour.


3. Protection


To avoid the risks from cuts, scrapes, and other possible hazards (e.g: sharpens, rocks, twigs, etc) during the hiking trip, there is nothing better than having a full-length pair of hiking pants.

You do not need to worry much about the injuries if wearing one of the most protective items.


Also, you can easily find the best backpacking pants in any hiking material shops. However, my suggestion is, choosing the full-length of hiking pants produced from well-known brands such as Ferrosi, Columbia Silver Ridge, and REI Sahara will support you much in exploring the hard hiking trails.


Besides that, some are made of fabric material so that they could protect you from Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, which might cause sunburn and further cause skin cancer. 


4. Designed with pockets


Some hiking pants are designed with pockets so that it is ideal for hikers who would store essential items such as a mobile phone, mp3 music player, compass, sunscreen, and lotion throughout the trip. However, you should keep in mind that the feeling of “comfortable” appears when you only store lightweight things in the pockets with you, rather than the heavy ones.


5. Comfort and quick-drying


If you are new to hiking sport activity, it is necessary to choose a comfort and quick-drying outfit. Jeans or shorts are not recommended. Instead, you can think about hiking pants made of nylon and with elastic waistbands for the best experiences.  

Not just that, some of the nylon hiking pants can be dried quickly when hikers cross a shallow river or hike under the rain. It will by far not bring the additional weight since you are getting wet from water conditions.


Read The Article: The TOP Best Hiking Pants Reviews and Buying Guide


6. Durable and long-lasting


One of the most expensive and best outdoor hiking pants might cost you approximately $170. However, it lasts for many years and is worth what you pay for. Take an Arc’teryx Palisade Pants for men as an example. It costs you approximately $170, best use for hiking, made of 94% nylon and 6% elastane, quick-drying, have pockets, lightweight (just 10.6 oz), and especially – durable and long-lasting. If taking the price into account, it is totally an inexpensive option.


Tips for choosing the proper hiking pants


To choose the best pants for hiking, you can keep in mind the following suggested tips:


First of all, you should consider how often you would go on a hiking trip. Secondly, you can estimate the budget for hiking pants. If you go hiking regularly (3-5 days a week), it should not be a big issue if you spend $150-$190 for owning one of the best ones in the store. If you go hiking 4-6 times a year or less than that, you can go for one at approximately $100, which is also a good option for hiking pants.


Always refer to the “Best hiking pants review” on websites, blog posts, and from experienced hikers.


Find the right size to fit with your body. If they are too tight or too loose, you will find your adventurous journey becomes more challenging. To ensure which one fits best, you can try in the store and make some movements to see if it is comfortable.


Do not choose hiking pants which are too heavy, because it might destroy your hiking experiences. If you hike under the rain, there will be extremely a “hard” journey.


If you are looking for the best men’s hiking pants, you can look no further than the products from Columbia Silver Ridge, Ferrosi, and REI Co-op brands. They are also well-known for the design of hiking pants.


If you would prefer quick-drying hiking pants, let’s consider ones made of nylon.


If you would like to have waterproof hiking pants, you can look no further than one made of gore-tex, ripstop nylon.


Hiking pants made of natural materials such as latter, synthetic, and fibers are highly recommended if you are a “fan” of durable, and sometimes “waterproof” items.


Final words


After a long week of working, it is best to go on a hiking trip with friends or family members. To have the best hiking adventurous journey, there is a “should” to have a perfect pair of hiking pants. Through this article, I would encourage you to choose a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle by going out for hiking and owning the best hiking pants for the memorable moments and wonderful experiences.

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