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Citrix Workspace app for Android on a managed Chromebook

J. Duizendstra


I rolled out a set of Chromebooks and we are using the Citrix Workspace app for Android app. Based on this blog post (https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2020/01/17/transitioning-to-citrix-workspace-app-for-android-on-chrome-os/) I believe Citrix Workspace app for Android is the way to go.


However, the user experience is bad, besides missing functionalilty like multi desktop we also struggle with the menu bar that automatically drops down in full screen mode. This bar has a close button, exactly on the location where a user would click to close the application in the vdi session. When the bar drops down, they click on that by accident and then close thw whole session.


I am a Chrome/G Suite expert, it is possible I miss some obvious Citrix knowledge. I believe Citrix and Chromebooks can work very well together. I am looking for suggestions and other people that are working with a similiar setup Chromebooks and Citrix, so we can share the knowledge and build some best practices.


First question:

- is Citrix Workspace app for Android the way to go?

- anyone else has/had the issue with users accidentally clowing thw ehole session? 



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