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MCS high CPU usage all the time

Tuomo Savolainen


Hey guys,


I´ve been tasked to keep a legacy XenDestop 7.8 environment up and running until a completely new environment will replace the old one.

One weird thing I´ve noticed recently is that the Machine Creation Service is using 80-100% CPU on the controllers (pair of them) even though there shouldn´t be nothing much going on task wise.

At first I thought the orphaned DisusedImageCleanUp tasks might be causing the issue and the tasks were removed from XenDesktop database + stopped and removed using the commands:

Get-ProvTask | where {$_.Type -eq “DisusedImageCleanup” -and $_.Status -ne “Finished”} | Stop-ProvTask

Get-ProvTask | where {$_.Type -eq “DisusedImageCleanup” -and $_.WorkflowStatus -eq “Terminated”} | Remove-ProvTask

...but the issue persists.


Any hints of how to find out what the MCS is working on?


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Wow, just wow... today I figured out the reason for high MCS usage on the controllers. I was looking deeper in to the controller traffic and found out that someone had setup a management server for SD to use Citrix Studio on. And oh boy, they were using it alright; there were about 50 sessions on the management server, most of them with Studio running in the session and about half of them just left there in disconnected state, taking up resources + bombing the controllers with queries. No regular reboot schedule to clear the abandoned sessions or anything... Well, there is now I can tell you. :D

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