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Citrix Receiver not appearing in IE Add-Ons when running in Horizon AppVol w/ FSLogix

Dan Gentry


This is a bit of a head scratcher but I'll do my best to be clear.


Our Environment is running Horizon AppVol, Horizon View, Dynamic Environment Manager, and FSLogix. FSLogix handles the storing most of the User Profile. Citrix Receiver is installed in an AppVol that is assigned to the user.


 The Issue:

Before we migrated to using FSLogix for the user profile, Citrix Receiver would work while in an AppVol. After the switch of FSLogix it stopped work. The Issue exhibits as IE Not seeing Citrix as being installed. The Add-On is not listed in IE. When trying to load a Citrix Hosted Application, the user is prompted to install Citrix again. This fails as Windows sees Citrix as installed.


With Citrix Receiver installed in the Base and not the AppVol, the user experiences similar behavior.


With Citrix Receiver installed in the Master during Audit Boot Mode, the user does not experience this issue. And when they then go back to the config where Citrix Receiver is installed in the AppVol they do not experience this problem.


I've tried looking but this is so esoteric and corner case I'm having a hard time finding info. I tried following the instructions in the following article with no change in behavior (it does not show in the Add-Ons): https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX224639

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