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PVS 1912 LTSR downgrade compability

Thorsten Hanke-Gyssling



after upgrade our infrastricture to PVS 1912 ltsr we have many problems with our citrix servers since the freeze during the day.
we have tested and changed network card settings but nothing helps, so one last step is to install for test 2 new pvs servers with old version.


is it possible to yes the vdisk with the new target device software but connected to the old 7.15 pvs servers?



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Hi @Thorsten Hanke-Gyssling


We are also running 1912 PVS, everything on Windows Server 2019 Datacenter VMs, and our VDAs are randomly experiencing server freezes where we have to do a hard reboot to get it running again.  When you downgraded your network cards to E1000, did you do that on the PVS servers, Deliver Controller servers, target VDA servers, or all of them?

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