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Rebuilt XenServer 7 but cannot reattach my LVM on 3 Striped disks

Scott Wyatt


I had a hardware failure on my Dell r710 that was running XenServer 7 and after replacing the hardware, the original install was not detecting my drives. 

I reinstalled the XenServer onto the primary disk and was able to boot into the console and once again able to see the balance of the hard drives that make up the Volume Group on my original install.


My issue is that I cannot reattach my hard drive configuration despite being able to see the PV, LV, and VG.  Have i completely lost my previous configurations of my drive striping or is there a way to recover my original SR?




I have been able to load /dev/sdb as a SR on its own but as expected the contents are not available.


I am not opposed to restructuring my server, but I really need to try and find a way to rescue the VM's and data contained therein.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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