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Best practices for running SFTP and FTP through a ADC Cluster on 12.1

Dane Ruyle

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For years we've ran in a HA configuration.   About a year ago we moved to a cluster.   Since then it seems we occasionally get clients sending us  0 byte files.

Earlier this week we upgraded from 12.1 build 53.12 to build 57.18  due to a crash bug.   Since this upgrade the issue with 0 byte files has multiplied.


We have only 1 server on the backend that serves both services (for a decade) perhaps we can disable healthchecks too.  If the server stops responding, we will know.

The problem clients send us 5, 6, 7, 8 files at a time.   For example, 5 out of 8 will transfer OK.

The business wants to go back to build 53.12


What are best practices to running SFTP and FTP through the ADC (15000)'s  in a clustered mode?


This is causing big headaches.




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