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Server Random Freezing Xen Desktop 7 1912 LTSR

MHP Support


I am at a loss on what this problem could be and I hope I can find some help on this issue. 


We have three servers that are assigned as VDA's which users remote into Citrix Workspace. The servers are running Windows Server 2016.  They have been running fine for months then sometime last month...(7/8/2020) we had one of the servers lock up.  All Citrix users using that particular VDA locked up in Citrix with the server  The local administrator can get in and the performance monitor looks like it does for general everyday performance. Network logins cannot get in at that time, not even domain administrator.


We do have a second group of servers in which one server is used for a couple of particular applications, that server is Windows Server 2016 and used the very same way.  From time to time we do see users opening both workspaces at once...which we tell them not to do.  I do not see anywhere where this is a steady indicator of causing the server to lock up.


The one program that was installed a week earlier was the new Adobe Acrobat DC this was installed on all four servers,   it seems to work fine.


Thank you up front to anyone who can help.

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