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STA Server

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The STA status is in syslog and in nslog. You should be able to get some snmp alerts for entity changes.

ADC can't alert you directly, but an snmp manager can be configured to notify when alerts are received.

You might be able to look at the syslog and alert that way via an external syslog server.


A couple things to confirm:

1) are you pointing the gateway to the STA's individually (they should not be load balanced)

2) are you using by name or IP?  If name, there may be a name resolution/dns failure after ha failover (not supposed to be an issue in vpx 12.1; but try using ip and see if it resolves instead).

3) Do the STA services only go down after an HA failover event?  If you wait would they come back up eventually, or only after rebinding the services.

4) Do your STA's (xml brokers) have an issues being reported in their event log?  For this check the event viewer on the xml brokers in the Application Log for brokerservice related events.

5) Anything non-standard about gateway config (such as double hop gateway; ha pair in inc mode; anything else that would change the ability for SNIP to reach xml brokers after failover...if other services are also offline and not just sta, it might be an ha issue with the mac address change and needing vmacs or something)


There are some articles that might apply, but I would look at above options first.





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