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Citrix Studio - Machine Catalog - Ressource error

Oliver Ollivetti


Hello, unfortunately I run into problems when updating the machine catalog if all VMs are up and running. 


My configuration:

- four xenserver hosts 7.2

- host1 - 4 VMs (XA 7.15CU5)

- host2 - 4 VMs (XA 7.15CU5)

- host3 - 3 VMs + one smaller Test VM (XA 7.15CU5)

- host4 - 3 VMs (XA 7.15CU5)


If I modify the VM template and finally distribute the changes by updating the machine catalog a ressource error occurs. This seems to happen, because the "hidden (ghost?) VM that is shortly created to distributed the new disk) does not have enough RAM on the host ist is created on. But by my understanding it should be started on a host that has enough ressources like host 4 which does not happen. 

So my solution at the moment is to shutdown one VM on host1 and host2 and then the Catalog updated finishes without errors.


Any recommondations how to solve the issue. Deleting all the configuration and making it new would be the last thing to try but I would like to avoid it.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

I have 8GB Memory for dom0 and 13GB free Memory on the host. (all hosts the same)

The test virtual machine catalog is calculated with 12GB memory per VM and the productive with 56GB. The test catalog updates without problems. Would I need 56GB free memory on all hosts for successfull update of the productive machine catalog?


Host: Total 256GB

4 VMs - 56GB



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