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Questions on Futrure WEM features

Brandon Prescott


General questions regard future of WEM:

1. Right now we can import policies, sort of.  I'm being asked if at some point we will be able to actually create policies in WEM outside of the limited current options?  We are trying to get away from any dependency on our current AD GPOs without having to build them in AD them export them to WEM.  Current options is to convert a GPO to registry entries.

2. On registry import option - right now when you import a reg file WEM separated the file into individual settings allowing for assignment individually, This is ok for small actions but larger bundles could be timely to assign individually.  Will there, at some point, be away to bundle reg file imports in to some type of class or named configuration xml file, etc?  Currently I'm creating applications with regedit.exe and pushing reg files that way.


Appreciate the time for an answer.  My management is asking for the future value of implementing WEM.

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I can't speak on behalf of the dev team, BUT

1. I would suggest that yes, this will be available in the future (no ETA just yet)

2. I have the same feature request in


for bulk reg stuff, i have found it faster to do external tasks with reg imports - less chaos given the current console limitations

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