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Enable SSL on VDA with NetScaler

Jay Stinson


XenApp 7.15 LTSR


I've followed the procedures to enable SSL on my Server 2016 VDA, but when I try to access it externally via NetScaler Gateway, the connection fails (times out) without an error code.


443 is open from the NetScaler SNIP to the VDA. As far as I can tell, the connection isn't even being initiated. There is no traffic at all from the NetScaler to the VDA, at least from the NetScaler's perspective. I haven't run Wireshark on the VDA yet. I find this odd because I thought I'd at least see some traffic attempting to connect. It's like the NetScaler doesn't know where to go.


Changing the Delivery Group setting back to HdxSslEnabled = False allows it to work again over typical port 2598.


I haven't seen any documentation requiring additional NetScaler Gateway configuration to get this to work. So what am I missing?



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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Is NetScaler able to resolve internal DNS?

Yes. From the shell it resolves the VDA FQDN and netbios name. There is also a DNS server configured for the gateway if that matters. 


One note on the server's certificate.. It lists only the netbios name (host name) of the VDA as part of a list of alternate names. Not the FQDN. I'm not sure what name is being sent as the target though.


I would think this would cause an SSL error if anything but I'm getting no feedback. 

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The VDA Event Logs show nothing. They are not receiving any incoming connections, so there is nothing to log.


All the traffic stops at the NetScaler and never makes it to the VDA.


Yes, I have reviewed the link and can confirm we have SSL setup correctly on the VDA and it's listening on port 443. 

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