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Citrix WorkSpace and MacOS 10.15 German Special characters not working "ÖÄÜ"

Benjamin Spiegler


Dear Citrix Support,

I have some users what can't use the German characters via the Citrix WorkSpace/Rereceiver App on MacOS.

I tried to Change the settings from Using the Server Keyboard language to Local and other Tips I found online but nothing seemed to work.

I also have one user where it is working but I cant find a Solution for the other Users do you guys have any Helpful tips or tricks for me?



Best Benjamin

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On 8/10/2020 at 1:56 PM, CitrixSuisse said:

Hi Benjamin

Did you install workspace app with app protection enabled?


If yes:  deinstall and don't select app protection


The Option is not Showing when I install it on MacOS. I did just check with the Citrix Page and they say it is included in to the newest Citrix Workspace so no option to turn it of.

I will check with Citrix Support if they may have a Idea how to turn it of.

Thanks for the Hint.

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