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Integrated notebook webcam not redirected to Citrix session

Lukas Rusch1709162191


Hi all,


it's my first post here in Citrix forum. So I hope I'll give you all the informations to my problem, you need.


In our company, we want to allow the use of integrated notebook webcams in Citrix sessions (XenApp) for online meetings. The problem is, it does not work on all of our company notebooks.


To get webcams work I set the policy «Client USB device redirection» in Studio to «Allowed».


Since I set this policy, the integrated webcams on notebook (Lenovo) with Windows 10 was redirected to session, but as «Unknown device». After I set  the registry "AutoRedirectAudio"=dword:00000001 the webcam was redirected, as I needed. All OK.


On two Lenovo notebooks did that policy and registry hack work (different model types), but on other notebooks like HP with Windows 10 it does not work. Some devices are redirected (like Fingerprint Sensor), but the webcam is not. On HP notebooks with IGLE OS installed, the webcam redirection works. If I want to use the camera locally, it works, too.


To troubleshoot this behaviour, I have tested the following:

The use of same users – no luck

HP notebook in same OU in AD like Lenovo notebook – no luck

Fresh install of HP notebook (Just Updates and Drivers installed) with Domain Join – no luck

Fresh install of HP notebook (Just Updates and Drivers installed) without Domain Join (no GPOs) – no luck

Different drivers – no luck


In Windows 10 device manager, the webcams are on both systems under «Camera». In device detail properties, the devices have the same «Compatible IDs» (USB\Class_0e&SubClass_03&Prot_00).

In Citrix Director I have always the same Citrix policies assigned, it makes no difference, if I use Lenovo or HP notebook.


To ensure, the webcam works as expected, I used the website https://de.webcamtests.com in Microsoft Edge Chromium. In Citrix Workspace, all settings are set to «Connect automatically»


Citrix Workspace version: (2002)

Citrix-Worker OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

Citrix-Worker VDA version: 7.15 LTSR


In the past, I did not have such problem like this. But maybe there is something I oversee.


If you need further information, please let me know.




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