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ADC on Azure behind Application Gateway not working

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Hi team,


We successfully deployed a pair of citrix adc on Azure using the HA template.

The customer has a requirement to configure Azure's application gateway instead of ALB for high-availability.

I could not find any documentation stating that it doesn't work however, this strange behaviour is occuring. I can land on the gateway's FQDN just fine, I supply my user+password+passcode (we're using nfactor with OTP) and when I hit submit I'm getting a 502 error (see attached picture for the complete error).

I am speaking with the Azure ADM in order to get more information from his end, any help would be grate.




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Thanks Carl, big fan of your work btw, kind of flattered to see your response here.....

That was my initial thought, I wanted to run it here to go more assertive on my response to the customer. 

This week I had a similar issue with another customer that had Fortigate's SSL Inspection turned in Proxy Mode, that was blocking the launch of applications thru the gateway, once we changed it to flow-based it worked just fine.
I'll chase the customer for answers and will reply here for knowledge purposes!

Thanks again.

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