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SYSLOG question


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I have 2 NetScalers in  a HA configuration and a third party SYSLOG server, which is located in the same network where each of the NetScalers has one "data" NIC (not management). The NetScalers use SNIP to communicate with the SYSLOG  because if I ping the SYSLOG server from each of the NetScalers, only the primary can ping it.

But I always thought that both NetScalers need to communicate and send the data to SYSLOG.


I am wondering if this setup is ok, where just the primary send data to SYSLOG server ? I am wondering what would happen to the second one if cannot communicate with the SYSLOG server.


Thank you,



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Hi Simion,


Communication for the secondary device will go through the primary node if the default gateway is not configured in the management subnet as the SNIP will be active only on the Primary node, not on the secondary node. 

Can you take a packet capture for port 514 and see if the communication from the Secondary NS IP to the syslog server is seen?

If yes, see if there are any firewall restriction rules.

do a traceroute as well to see the path.




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