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ADC licensed via pooled license is displaying grace period banner

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Hi Team,

I have a pair of ADCs running in HA in AWS and both of them are reporting to be running on grace period. Both were licensed via ADM with sufficient pooled instance and bandwidth licenses.

We have ruled out connectivity issues preventing the communication on both sides, as a matter of the fact, both sides are reporting that ADC-->ADM is reachable and ADM-->ADC Instances are up and reachable.

Has anyone seen this before?

The banner simply won't go away.



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I had this same issue, though the ADC was able to re-establish its license with the ADM server after a few minutes.  I have my suspicions on why this occurs, but I'll let someone from Citrix chime in first.


It was certainly a worry for about 30 minutes and then it resolved itself.

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