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Multiple Stores on same Gateway

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Hello all,


We have 4 stores on our Storefront.

  • Each Store is dedicaced for subsidaties with some filter


Everything work great Internally :


We have some difficulty to have the same behavior from external access :

  • We have configured session profiles with « Web Interface Address » for each store.
  • But when users launch URL in web browser for access to one specific Store, users are redirected to https://sf.fqdn/vpn/index.html.


So we can’t create session policies based on HTTP.REQ.URL. expression.


Only after login done, users of A company can launch https://sf.fqdn/StoreAWeb


Have you got an idea to disable redirection to /vpn/index.html or do you know an expression  to identify Store given by users before redirection?


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Your session policy on the gateway is what determines which store you are directed to after the gateway logon is complete.

Basic session profile to do ICA Proxy only will direct you to storefront and bypass the vpn page (after login).  If you don't need vpn or clientless features. If you are doing a lot of the CVAD + other workspace features than the gateway page makes it easy to do CAVD and non-CVAD access.


So there may be something wrong in your Session Profile or your gateway theme affecting the behavior. Share your profile(s) and policies to understand the behavior.


So the typical, ICA Proxy only for WEB users, consists of the usual session profile settings:

Published Apps: TAB


Storefront Address:  https://sf.fqdn/Citrix/StoreAWeb

SSON Domain:  <domain>


Security: Allow Authorization (if not set through an authorization policy)


Client Experience Tab:

Home Page: Is usually not configured; but if issues, can be set to the storefront page. Typically, leave

Passthrought Credentials to Web: Enabled:  This allows gateway creds to be sent to storefront without re-prompting at storefront

Client Choices: OFF (under Advanced settings)


variations exist


So if you have users that need to go to 4 different stores, you need 4 session policies, with 4 separate session profiles.

The profiles would contain most of the above, but vary based on StoreFront Address (and maybe sson domain, if user domain changes too).

session_prof_storeA:  https://sf.fqdn/Citrix/StoreAWeb

session_prof_storeB:  https://sf.fqdn/Citrix/StoreBWeb

session_prof_storeC:  https://sf.fqdn/Citrix/StoreCWeb

session_prof_storeD:  https://sf.fqdn/Citrix/StoreDWeb


Then the question which is not noted above, what determines which store they go to?  Domain or user group or some other decision. This determines the expression you need in your policy:

session_pol_storeA (withe session_prof_storeA):  http.req.user.is_member_of("GroupA")






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