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How to prevent Windows 10 from doing any updates?

Baumgartner AG


Hey Folks


I know this has been discussed alot, and there are hundreds of topics around the WWW. But I am getting really sick of this whole Windows Update thing in Windows 10. 


I am running about 50 VMs with WIndows 10 1809, on VDA 1912.1 and PVS 1912.1 right now (Updated from 1903 to 1912 last weekend). I have set the following GPO on the master vDisk:


"Configure automatic updates": Disabled


It used to work, and since this local GPO is saved to the vDisk, the targets also did not download any updates when running. Now suddenly, it does not work anymore... Targets are downloading updates, also Feature updates (1903), while running and user are working on them. They get a notification, that updates were installed, telling them to restart the VDA. They are not able to restart VDAs, since this function is disabled for users. VDAs start themselves after logout, but since it's a sealed vDisk they are starting from, they will boot from the state they had before the updates. So the targets try to install feature updates again...and again.... 


Now my question is: How do I finally, reliably prevent the target devices from installing and even downloading or searching any updates? There has to be a way to fix this... 


Updates are also filling up the cache disks... Also the option to defer feature updates for up to 356 days is not there in my windows 10... 


Any ideas?



Regards, Cedy

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