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Webcam problem with the latest Citrix Workspace app macOS

Mohamed Yakhlef



After updating the latest Citrix Workspace app 2007 for Mac (release 27 July)  there is a problem with the webcam in Microsoft Teams.

When turning Webcam on in Microsoft Teams everything seems like to freeze.

Never had this problem.  Problem  occurred on 27 July after this update.

- Reset Workspace app and reinstall didn't help.
- Citrix settings for Webcam&Mic allowed.

- No problems on Windows laptop Citrix workspace app.


Solution (work-around):  Downgrade back to Citrix Workspace app 2002 for Mac. Release Date: Mar 3, 2020


Do more people have the same problem?
Would like to hear if there a solution to this problem or what I can do more to troubleshoot.



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I have a somewhat similar issue, but different.  Since moving from version in WebEx meetings my camera is showing as already in use.  My workaround was to rollback to that version and it is working once again.  Both releases since create the same issue.  The one thing I have noticed is, the last two versions do not prompt me for permission to access the camera and microphone on  my mac.  But they do seem to recognize the devices are there.

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Wondered if anyone has come up with a solution for this yet? I am running on MacOS 10.15.6 and Citrix Workspace (2008) and every time I try to launch a Teams / Skype video chat the Citrix session crashes. I have attached some error logs if Citrix monitor these forums. Will try v2002 as suggested above to see if that resolves this for me. 


Come on Citrix....your releases are getting a little buggy !!

CitrixViewer_2020_09_21-09_38_46_1336.txt CitrixViewer_2020_09_21-09_38_09_1334.txt CitrixViewer_2020_09_21-09_34_55_1302.txt

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Any news on this as still having problems with Citrix workspace on MacOS and others in company suffering same issues. We need to get this fixed. Currently in latest version of MacOS and Citrix Workspace and every time we launch web cam from SkypeForBusiness or Teams within Citrix session, this causes the Citrix viewer to. Crash

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