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i struggeled with Knox and Android in the past. but after the update to CEM 10.12 and the need to set the enrollment profile to Fully Managed/ COPE for Android Enterprise i got some critical errors.

After this update most of our devices went into recovery mode because some system data could not be red. the only way to get out of this was to factory reset the devices. 

also screenshots are disabled on new devices even if i don't set a restriction through xenmobile. 


if the device has no profile in samsung knox enrollment. the behaviour on the device is complete different. 

with no KME i have a work and a private area or profile with different apps in it. -> there are no restrictions -> screenshots are working

with  KME there is only one area with all apps inside -> there are restrictions -> screenshots are not working


are restrictions coming from KME? 

the way the combination is set up now can't be right, so what i'm doing wrong?


can someone tell me how this is setup in ohter envireonments?




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