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How to copy contents of VHD file to new VHD file (From thick to Thin)?

Chirag Katbamna


Hello all,


I have a 1TB logical size VHD file where only about 600GB is used, and due to an issue of snapshot chain length I had to do an export/import, after which the VHD file size has become 1 TB.  it was setup as thin to start with but now its 100% size.  (full issue listed  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/405965-snapshot-chain-too-long-how-to-get-rid-of-hidden-snapshots-without-exportimport/)  


Since then the VHD was cleaned up further, and only 300 GB is used.  So I have 1TB physical space used to store 300GB data.. (its a thick-provision 


My goal is to shrink down the physical VHD file back to 300GB. 


How can I do this? Export process produces same size file (1TB). 


All my SR are based on NFS. 


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If you have another SR available, you can just do a pure storage migration. which should take care of coalescing. It would require no downtime and also be much faster overall compared to a full export/import process. If that isn't possible, just stop the VM do a full export, delete it, and import the VM back in.

Note that all NFS-based SRs are by definition thinly provisioned.



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