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Application issue within Workspace All Versions - remote app slowdown

David Blumberg


Running Citrix Workspace (have updated to 2006) and have an issue for a remote site where running applications there will sometimes be a significant slowdown to the application where a command can take upwards of several minutes to run, if not almost an hour, and the users at the site have also tried running from home since operating a work from home environment as well.  The task manager will show not responding and the process monitor doesn't show any significant activity as well.  I have ran the Citrix diagnostic tool and what would be some things to look at to determine what is causing the issue and is there a contact at Citrix itself to ask?

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'Not Responding' typically means the application is sitting there waiting on response from another process/thread.  Remember that the application is running on the server, not the local client, so response times may not be related to Citrix at all. Does the same problem occur if you launch the application from a server desktop outside of Citrix?  



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