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UPM - Automatic migration of existing Application profiles policy - Server 2008 R2 to Server 2016 UPM migration

Cindy Vickers




I have upgraded our test environment to 19.12 Virtual Apps and Desktops with Server 2016 multi-session VDAs

Our current environment is 7.7 with 2008 R2 Shared Servers and UPM store path DOES NOT include !CTX_OSNAME! so the profile folders are named V2

The UPM store path for the new 2016 VDAs DOES include !CTX_OSNAME! so the folder name is Win2016v6

I was wanting to use the Automatic migration of existing application profiles policy - mainly just for migration of Outlook signatures, added mailboxes, etc

I tested this as it is but nothing gets copied from V2 to Win2016v6

Is it true this would only work if the !CTX_OSNAME! was originally setup for the 2008 UPM profiles? 

Is there another way to get this to work?





Thanks in advance

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