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I want to access the Director monitoring data using API or cli for automation

Harsh Patel1709162180


I am using the Citrix VirtualApp Essentials running on Azure cloud. We have 3 catalogs, DEV, TEST, PROD. The director collects the session data and stores it for 90 days. I want to query the data from API or cli (Powershell, CMD, Bash) or SDK if possible and integrate it with future automation task. There are links available  for monitoring API service. https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/monitor-service-odata-api/en/latest/ As shown in the given link I am confused on some steps and points to follow.

1. Is this supported for Citrix VirtualApps Essentials?

2. Do I need to do some change in my VMs running virtual Apps?

3. If there is a change then would there be any downtime?

4. If there is no change required then what is {dc-host} in the links and how to access it?

5. Is there anywhere else I need to make change in order to get the data?

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