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Citrix VDA servers reboot automatically with Error in vCenter as Guest OS Crashed

Ravi Shanubhoge


In our environment Citrix VDA servers are getting rebooted automatically and no event logs for crash, in venter we can see as guest OS Crashed.
Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 with PVS 
Server OS 2016

Does anyone having similar issues? Any actions taken to fix?


We have disabled the Automatic Restart option in Recover Options but in standard mode when servers crashes, it is getting restarted.

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What do the vCenter Tasks and Events have to offer? Do they indicate who restarted the system or when the crash occurred? If vCenter does not indicate who or when the system restarted then it happened outside of VMWare. I would then concentrate on trying to cross reference the time of the crash logged in vCenter with the Windows Event Logs to find a source.

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Thanks Darryl,

On vCenter Only log is Type  Error - Guest operating system has crashed with Event ID Type - vim.event.VmGuestOSCrashedEvent, User is User.
Yes Time is recorded and when cross checked with Windows system and application logs nothing found which indicate the potential cause.


Daily 3 to 4 servers are getting restarted like this.

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