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ADC. GSLB only requirements. which model\license is needed

Iyad Kayyali

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Trying to figure out which ADC license I need if I am only planning to leverage ADC in GSLB mode. I have 2 data centers with standalone installations of Xendesktop 7.15LTSR supporting around 700 users. I am only interested in directing users to a specific data center based on user's subnet and\or data center availability. Users will connect directly to each data center's storefront. There are no plans to leverage ADC to process users login and proxy their connection to StoreFront. All users are internal and there are no plans to expose ADC externally.


Question. Which license is most appropriate. I understand I need the "advanced" license, but can I get by with VPX 10? There is a huge price difference for next versions VPX 200 and VPX 1000.


Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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There isn't a GSLB only license: 

Platform licenses determine your feature set:  Standard, Advanced (former Enterprise), and Premium (former Platinum)


You can get Standard Edition with the GSLB optional license is probably the lowest level license.


Advanced edition includes GSLB and more features.

See feature matrix for license levels inside the MPX Data Sheet here. The beginning of this is license levels (for any model physical or virtual); the rest is the hardware models for physical appliances.  https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/citrix-adc-data-sheet.html  (view data sheet or use direct link here:  https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/data-sheet/citrix-adc-data-sheet.pdf)


The model license is about size of physical or virtual appliance, so in this case your throughput/traffic capacity:

For VPx 200 vs VPX 1000 are model levels which indicates the about of traffic volume/throughput.  A VPX being a virtual machine on an appropriate hypervisor as opposed to (MPX which is physical hardware and SDX which is physical hardware that can run virtual VPXs).

A VPX 200 would handle 200 Mbps throughput and have limits if you were doing lb or gateway stuff.

A VPX 1000 would handle 1 Gbps of throughput...

VPX sizing is in the VPX datasheet here:  https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-adc/resources/citrix-adc-vpx.html





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Thank you for the detailed information Rhonda.I fully understand there is no ADC with GSLB license only. However, if you consider my use case (I only need to perform GSLB functions) I am trying to decide which license is applicable for 700 users. This is really what I need guidance on. Hopefully this makes sense.

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The only way to get GSLB as a licensed feature is then Standard + GSLB optional license.  This will be your feature set.


For 700 users the VPX 10  should be sufficient as you have very little throughput as the GSLB is just the DNS resolutions, if the destination traffic will be handled by an external system - meaning the netscaler is doing GSLB only.


If, however, your ADC will be handling the storefront load balancing too, then you would have to calculate your bandwidth requirements for storefront. Which the VPX 200 should be more than adequate for (including ssl load).  Actual bandwidth for storefront alone isn't readily documented (though ICA bandwidth is); but you can base this on your current storefront throughput to make sure whichever size ADC you deploy is adequate.



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