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Upgrading 1906 to 2006 : VDA before controllers ?

Marc Leforestier




I am upgrading CVAD 1906 to 2006.

In this document :


It is said to upgrade VDA after Controllers.


But the CVAD installer 2006 said :

1 Back up the Delivery Controller databases.
2 Upgrade Director if it is installed on a machine separate from your Delivery Controllers.
3 Back up the models and upgrade the hypervisors (optional).
4 Upgrade Provisioning Services if in use.
5 Upgrade the Virtual Delivery Agent and perform an image update on all master images.
6 Upgrade half of your Delivery Controllers (all components).

7 Use the upgraded version of Studio to perform the site upgrade.
8 Upgrade your remaining Delivery Controllers (all components).


Who is right ?




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Here it is said : Mixed versions – You can upgrade the VDAs before you upgrade the Delivery Controllers resulting in VDAs being newer than the Delivery Controllers. You can upgrade the Delivery Controllers before you upgrade the VDAs. In other words, you can mix and match VDA versions and Delivery Controller versions.


So I have my answer ;)

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