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Full Service Name List

Onur Demir

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Hello Gurus,


I want to show all services that's status are UP.  I normally use this command;


> sh services -summary | grep UP 


however command's output is something like that;


2     qwer...1-80 UP              IP_address       80    HTTP       0           0           
3     qwer...1-81 UP              IP_address       81    HTTP       0           0      


But I want to see the full name of the services not ... version of them.


When I used these commands below, lots of unnecessary output given. 


> sh services -format 


Could you tell me the command that show only status UP service's names or should I write extra script to split the part I want ? 

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show services -summary -fullvalues

should do complete service name, but may wordwrap in some cases


But the GREP will truncate the parts that wrap lines.

So grabbing all and then filtering may help.



stat service -fullvalues

stat service -fullvalues | grep UP

stat service -fullvalues | grep DOWN


seems to do a cleaner output for longer named services and may do what you want a little better; if you just care about up/down states.



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