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Citrix Workspace - On-premise Citrix Gateway as IdP - Intermittent incorrect client id

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Hi guys

Just wandering if anyone is experiencing, or has heard of, the below issue, as it's a bit of a mystery.

We are using an on-premise Citrix Gateway as an IdP to Citrix Workspace, when users are redirected to our AAA server, intermittently they have the incorrect client-id in their auth request.
In the ns logs I can see that there are at least 10 different client-ids that the our users seem to have in their auth request.

We only have the one gateway connected in Citrix Cloud, the OAuth profile is configured accordingly. I can't workout where they are coming from.

When we were using ADC firmware 13.0 47.24 the message users received was related to a "clientid mismatch", we have since upgraded to 13.0 58.30 and the message received now is "Could not find policy that matches current request parameters"
In the ns.log their is a AAA CLient Handler error code 1310733 - I couldn't find any info related to this error code.

We have a test tenant configured the same way as well, which also exhibits the same behaviour.
I currently have a support ticket open awaiting analysis of some traces.

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